4 Things to Remember When Baking With Whey Protein Powder

So You Want To Bake with Whey Protein:

Over the last 10 yrs protein powder has evolved beyond shakes and bars and into kitchens. Many have started infusing protein into their favorite desserts and baked goods. The ultimate goal is to replicate the taste and the texture of the real thing. If you have never had  protein cookies or muffins, try us out. Here are 4 things to remember when baking with whey protein powder (FYI, these tips are geared more toward baking cookies and basic cakes):

1: Protein Source:

In the ever changing world of whey protein there are plethora of choices to choose from. When it comes to baking, you want to go with a whey protein powder that mixes well (instantized). And make sure it doesn’t contain a lot fluff, BCAA’s are good but at the end of the day you are after the whey protein in its purest form. You want to be sure to use it sparingly (4:1 ratio recommended when starting out).

2: Moisture

Whey protein can be a great substitute flour. The difference between flour and most whey/casein proteins is the amount heat generated in the oven which will quickly dry your product out and make it rubbery. Apple sauce and banana, avocado work but can affect the texture and the taste. For best results try whipping cream or coconut oil (will give you the moisture and fat needed for most baked goods like muffins and cookies).

3: Binding

The most important part of baking with protein is the binding process. It will literally keep your product from falling apart. For the most part eggs, flax egg, work well. Coconut oil, Chick pea juice/ aquafaba and coconut cream are great non dairy options. The ratio between flour and protein powder in your formula also plays a role in the binding process. Its always good to use two types of binders especially when you are starting out just to be safe.

4 Fats:

Fats are critical for flavor and binding. Butter/Ghee and Coconut oil or lard(paleo), fruit puree (apple sauce, avocado, and banana) work great and help with moisture and binding for the most part. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity

5 Moderating Carbs:

Limiting or moderating carbs are typically dependent on the type and amount flour and sweetener used in your formula. The goal for most people is to have the lowest carb possible with all the flavor. In that case you will want, to use a low carb flour like coconut or almond  or soy flour in your formula to start. As for sweeteners, zero calorie sweetener like Swerve or Stevia if you want to go all natural will be best your option but creativity is encouraged.

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