Paleo Cookies

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Low Carb Paleo Cookies

Keetopia’s Paleo cookies were created for true Paleo sugar daddies who crave the taste, and texture of cookies w/o the preservative and carbs. Made from high quality organic ingredients like house-made organic dark chocolate (organic cacao nibs, organic coconut milk powder, unrefined sugar, sun flower lecithin) and organic vegan butter (organic coconut oil, ground flaxseed, avocado oil, almond milk, apple cider vinegar, aquafaba, sunflower lecithin). Sweetened with Organic really raw honey, and Yacon syrup (for cookies that have chocolate chunk) and other all natural gluten free ingredients sourced from the Dallas/DFW area.

Available in:

(carbs/ protein per cookie )

Chocolate Chunk
Chocolate Chunk (low carb)
Oatmeal chocolate chunk
Chocolate Chunk salted pecan
Peanut butter chocolate chunk
Double chocolate
Snicker doodle
Peanut butter

Allergen Information: contains, eggs and nuts

Ingredients are gluten free but are made out of same commercial baking kitchen that processes products that may contain gluten.


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