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Vegan Low Carb High Protein Snicker Doodle Cookies

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Keetopia’s Vegan Snicker Doodle cookies are made from , Saigon Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla, coconut oil and other high quality local ingredients sourced from the Dallas/DFW area. At only 10 carbs and +12.8g protein these cookies have the texture, moisture and the taste foodies love without the fillers and preservatives. We can customize this product to fit your lifestyle needs (vegan, high fat, low carb, sugar free/diabetic, performance based etc).

Snicker Doodle: 207 cal 12g carbs/12.8g protein 2.3g fiber
(Sugar free sweetened with molasses and stevia )

Allergen Information:
contains tree nuts (almond flour)


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