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Low Carb Vegan Muffins

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Coconut Lemon Bliss (coconut, lemon/ginger ): 11g carbs /2.4g fiber

Raspberry Lemon 12g carbs /2.9g fiber

Blueberry Lemon: 12.3g carbs /2.6 fiber

Banana Nut: 15.2g carbs / 2.6g fiber

Carrot Spcie : 11.7g carbs / 2.6g fiber

Apple Cinnamon: 11.3g carbs /2.8g fiber

Double Chocolate: 10g carbs

Espresso Chocolate : 10g carbs

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These are all natural low carb vegan muffins. We do not use artificial sweeteners or preservatives in our products only high quality ingredients like Madagascar vanilla, Unrefined Muscovado Brown Sugar, Pascha Dark Chocolate organic lemons, blueberries and raspberry. Weighing in at 12g carbs or less and packed with flavor even non vegans will rave about. This item is also available in a Paleo hybrid (with eggs or whipping cream for increased moisture). Please specify when ordering.

Contains: Nuts


apple cinnamon, banana nut, double chocolate, vanilla


12 Regular/Standard, 24 mini, 6 jumbo


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We Only Use All Natural Gluten Free Ingredients

soy flour, zulka morena (unrefined sugar), almond flour, organic fruit, Ghiradelli (100% cacao) almond milk, organic canola oil, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, water, madagascar vanilla.