Low Carb High Protein Southern Style Pecan Pie

$ 13.50

Our low carb (20g/17g net) high protein (34g) southern style pecan pie is made to order from scratch with high quality grain free/gluten free ingredients. We only used brown sugar,, butter, vanilla and pecans to make filling. Crust was made from hydrolyzed protein, butter, almond flour,,soy flour, honey and whipping cream.

Available in
3, 5, or 10 mini pies in jumbo cupcake liners (recommended)

low carb/high protein: Cal:470 Carbs 20.2g Fiber 3.0g Sugar 16.4g Protein 34.4g

Diabetic: Cal:344 Carbs 12.7g Fiber 3.8g Sugar 7.4g Protein 4.2g

Vegan: Diabetic: Cal:279 Carbs 14.2g Fiber 5.0g Sugar 8.1g Protein 3.8g

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2 personal pies, 5 pies in jumbo muffin liners


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