Top Ingredients That Make Low Carb Baking Easy and Boost Flavor

How To Boost The Flavor And Lower Carbs In Your Baking

Holidays are the time for food, family and company parties. The assumption to baking a better product has always been to add more butter, sugar, or other ingredients that are suppose to enrich the flavor. For most, low carb baking is always a second thought especially for gatherings. Here a 4 ingredients worth splurging on that will boost flavor and make low carb baking easier. If you have any recommendations to add, let us know.

Ingredients That Reduce Amount of Sugar Needed in Recipe:

Vanilla Extract:
Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world and adorned by chefs around the World. Using a quality vanilla will instantly boost the flavor in cookies and most of your basic cakes. The good news is, you won’t have to use as much sugar. There are many types of vanilla (Tahitian, Indonesian, Mexican, Tongan, ) from various parts of the world. Some say Madagascar is the best because of its bold flavor but from our experience it really depends on what you are making.


Cinnamon, often called the hidden gem of baking is an interesting versatile sweet and spicy ingredient that can be used in just about anything you make. You probably won’t get a true sweet and spicy flavor from a generic store brand AKA Cassia Cinnamon. Ceylon and Saigon cinnamon (recommended for sustainable progressive flavor) have a strong bold sophisticated sweet and spicy flavor. You can reduce up to 15% of the sugar needed in your recipe by using cinnamon.


This all natural sweetener has quickly gained popularity over the years. A little Stevia goes a long way due its strong flavor. With Stevia you can omit sugar from your recipe or blend them which is what we currently do for some of our custom formulas. It wont necessarily boost the flavor but it will help you reduce the sugar and carbs in your product by up to 50%.

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